What matters is the transformation you generate in the world


What matters is the transformation you generate in the world


Who is Victor Damasio
Victor Damasio has been in Digital Marketing space for over 10 years. Helping his clients consistently hit the 7-figure revenue mark and beyond through mentorship programs, online courses and high-ticket services.

He used to be a lawyer on a previous life, but quickly realized that it wasn't his calling. 

After discovering his true passion, his transformational journey began.
10 years later, with 1000+ clients in 40+ countries he’s living his passion by sharing his knowledge on internet marketing.

Today, he's known as the "Mentor of Mentors" and believes that financial, geographical, and time freedom are within everyone's reach. He believes every expert can grow a profitable and highly scalable digital business as long as they love what they do and follow the right framework he provides.
"Abundance is available for those who choose it."
For Victor, the best part of his work is being able to transform and impact the lives of thousands of people in Brazil and around the world, and one of his most defining characteristics is his genuine care for his clients. "They're not just numbers, not only leads… They're real people."

In 2022, his company was listed in the Financial Times' ranking as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the Americas. He has also received prominent awards worldwide such as ClickFunnels’ 2 Comma Club and several others in Brazil.

“I don’t have a program in English yet. But I’m ready to deliver some value worldwide.

So here I decided to share a couple of resources for free. Alex Hormozi style. :p

Some of this content, people paid a lot to get access. It’s yours for free.

And whenever you’re ready, let’s talk to see if there’s a way I can collaborate with your growth.

Looking forward YOUR success"

– Victor

To learn more about Victor, you can watch some of the business strategies he teaches. As an international speaker, he has taken his knowledge to different countries around the world.

In Russia, he presented the "Spartan Method," teaching how to sort your audience and identify the best client to close high-ticket sales with far less effort. You can watch the presentation bellow.

• Part 1 – Spartan Method:
• Part 2 – How to increase a paid community to up to half a million dollars per year:
• Part 3 – Lifetime Value (LTV):
Whenever you’re ready, fill the form to explore how tou and Victor can work together to reach your goals

Just click below:
In the United States, he shared exactly how to truly care for your customers as a business strategy to increase LTV:
In this interview, Victor talks to one of his mentors, Dean Jackson, and they show exactly how you can implement the 9-word email strategy in your business, generating impactful results even with cold and unengaged lists:
Also, check out the testimonials from some of the top players in Brazil and around the world who have already learned from Victor Damasio and see what they have to say:
"I see that Victor is someone with very extensive knowledge. He challenges his clients to do more." 

– Jay Abraham
American business executive, digital marketing strategist, speaker and author
"In one month with Victor, I made 800,000BRL. Being his client was my smartest decision; there's no one in my digital marketing journey who is more of a Mentor to me than him."

– Bettina Ruldolph
Copywriter and CEO of BR Marketing company

"With Victor's help, I launched a mentorship program that was a success, with 110 members and a return of over 7 figures, and it happened very quickly. I learned the right format from him, implemented it, and it was ready!"

– Bruno Gimenes
Prosperity mentor
"Victor is an amazing person. He delivers more than he promises, and in a very human way. Being his client will make a difference in your life."

– Caio Carneiro
Entrepreneur, salesperson and best-selling author

"I had a lot of objections to create a mentorship program, and Victor turned me into a mentor. I understood that having a mentorship was much more achievable than I believed. This was crucial in increasing my profit margin and revenue."

– Leandro Ladeira
Digital marketing entrepreneur
"I was at a point where I needed to know how to start from scratch. I joined Damasio's mentorship, and for me, the Program paid off in the first 30 minutes. I didn't expect it to clarify my ideas so quickly!"

– Paulo Cuenca
Content marketing specialist and social media expert
"In my journey to generate around 100,000 per month and surpass 3 million BRL per month, I encountered some people who made a tremendous difference in my life and my business, and one of the key figures is Victor Damasio."

– Wendell Carvalho
Behavioral change specialist and goal achievement strategist
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